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Skating at the Lakes in 2018

Village to Skaters: Lace Up! Green flag and long-elusive solid ice call to skaters at Tarrytown Lakes this weekend At long last, skating conditions are favorable at Tarrytown Lakes.  For the weekend of January 6-7, the lakes will be open for skating. Here's what you...

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The Empire State Trail and the Tarrytown Lakes |

Connecting the Lakes, Tarrytown and the Rest of New York State The Empire State Trail -- the governor's proposed 750-mile bike path through the heart of New York State -- will follow the North and South County Trailways past the Tarrytown Lakes. Cool, huh?  Already,...

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Birds at Tarrytown Lakes: The eBird Field Checklist

Birds at Tarrytown Lakes: Calling it home, or just passing through Download the list of year-rounders or visitors One of the pleasures of driving Neperan Road, as it sweeps along and between the Tarrytown Lakes, is seeing the variety of visiting birds. [button...

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