and we’ll make it count.

Just up on Neperan Road, Your Donation’s at Work.

We don’t need much to make a big difference at the park.  We’re putting our volunteer efforts to work to make sure every dollar is stretched to its greatest effect.

When you donate, you’re helping us:

  • Purchase herbicides, gloves and tools to remove the invasive, thorny Japanese Angelica ( ), before it spreads to the shores of the lake;
  • Build a badly-needed trailhead kiosk and wayfinding markers;
  • Host this website, enabling us to send out a monthly newsletter;
  • Purchase those charming, weather-proof, colorful trail markers you see in the park.

The Tarrytown Lakes Committee (and the Friends of Tarrytown Lakes) operates as a 501c3, so your donation is tax-deductible.

Use the PayPal button to make a donation with a credit card or, if you prefer, send a check to:


Make a Donation

Make a Donation

Skating at the Lakes in 2018

Village to Skaters: Lace Up! Green flag and long-elusive solid ice call to skaters at Tarrytown Lakes this weekend At long last, skating conditions are favorable at Tarrytown Lakes.  For the weekend of January 6-7, the lakes will be open for skating. Here's what you...

The Empire State Trail and the Tarrytown Lakes |

The Empire State Trail and the Tarrytown Lakes |

Connecting the Lakes, Tarrytown and the Rest of New York State The Empire State Trail -- the governor's proposed 750-mile bike path through the heart of New York State -- will follow the North and South County Trailways past the Tarrytown Lakes. Cool, huh?  Already,...

Birds at Tarrytown Lakes: The eBird Field Checklist

Birds at Tarrytown Lakes: The eBird Field Checklist

Birds at Tarrytown Lakes: Calling it home, or just passing through Download the list of year-rounders or visitors One of the pleasures of driving Neperan Road, as it sweeps along and between the Tarrytown Lakes, is seeing the variety of visiting birds. [button...

Our new website

Our new website

The Tarrytown Lakes Committee is rolling out our new website in January, 2017. Here, you'll be able to check up on the latest news ("What's going on with the skate shack, anyway?"), leave us your feedback ("Here's an idea for the skate shack"), subscribe to our...

About the Artist: Ronnie Levine

“Tarrytown: Skaters on the Lake”

Painter Ronnie Levine depicts scenes of everyday, public life in the Rivertowns, with boldly-colored images that are prized and collected.  Her interpretation of a crystalline winter day spent skating on the Tarrytown Lakes, above, references a pasttime that is fast disappearing from our ever-warming winter climate in Tarrytown, but that locals remember with fondness.

See the links to Ronnie’s work on this page.  “Skaters on the Lake” is used here with permission from the artist.

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